#Giving Tuesday

What is GivingTuesday?

#Giving Tuesday isn't just about fundraising.  It's about communities banding together and giving of their time, power, skills, expertise and resources.  It's about the collective spirit of generosity that brings change to our communities.

Why does Youth For Christ Exist?


More than any generation before, American teens are in crisis.  OVer 20 million US teenagers, ages 11-19, are estimated to be "lost" - meaning they live without hope in Christ.  Less than five millsion of those teens are connected to a Christian leader through a Kingdom-oriented ministry.


  • 1.3 million teens are arrested each year
  • $5.7 billion are spent every year on juvenile corrections in this country
  • 64% of teens have used prescription pain killers received from others
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens
  • Almost 50% of high school seniors have abused a drug of some kind
  • 70% of teens have had sex by the age of 19, resulting in:
    • 750,000  teen pregnancies occurring each year (82% are unintended)
    • 30% of teen pregnancies ending in abortion
    • 50% of teen moms never graduating from high school


#Giving Tuesday is kicking off the giving season with an opportunity to invest in the lives of teens.  Your financial investment today or year round will ensure teens hear there is a life giving hope to their current circumstance.   

Teens throughout our community need you, please invest in their eternal future.