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YFC Annual Ski Trip

The annual ski trip never ceases to amaze me as a YFC leader. God always produces so much fruit when we spend time together focusing on Him and each other! On Feb. 19th, 15 students and 4 leaders arose early and ventured to Buena Vista Ski Area. While this trip was originally planned for Jan. 15th, God had something better in mind. Rescheduling not only allowed an additional volunteer and 4 students to join us, but also, the weather couldn't have been any better! Throughout the day teens encouraged, included, helped, and pushed each other like a family on the snow. I loved witnessing high schoolers help out their buddies, middle schoolers challenge leaders down the slopes, and one of my favorite stories, "Bravelynn" facing her fear of heights and overcoming it. The hardest part for her was going down the top of the hill. Her first couple trips were the bravest as she used her skis and poles to navigate to the bottom. However, by midday I was amazed to watch her skiing without poles at ease! When she stopped near me, I said, "Wow, look at you go! What happened?" She told me down one of her rides, her poles slipped out of her hands, and she realized she felt more comfortable without them. I said something to the sort, "Bravelynn, I think maybe God allowed that to happen to you not for bad, but so you can see that you can face your fears and they aren't greater than Him at work in you!" By the end of the day "Bravelynn" was going down the green ski slopes, up the lift, and all with the biggest smile on her face! No one was left behind on this ski trip, not by God or each other. That's what I'm most overjoyed by. Thank you, Lord, for your protection, who you brought, the weather, and your work in us! See you all at the ski trip in 2025! Pictures below.

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2024 YFC Ski Trip Video