Bringewatt Volleyball


Building Time: Volleyball

Comradery In The Sand!

On Aug. 11th, four YFC leaders and 13 different youth played beach volleyball, queen of the court, and a small guys vs. girls tournament at Bringewatt Park in Grand Forks (five of those 13 youth saw us playing and joined us for the fun)! Prior to getting together, I had heard stories from individuals that they had a long week and were looking forward to doing something fun and being active. God was preparing hearts to gather and spend time with others in His presence. The hour was spent with competition that created laughter and teamwork. So much so that we had a few friendly faces join in on our fun! God also blessed us with beautiful weather as it rained immediately before and after our time together (but was sunny during). Thank you for spending time with us on the volleyball court! We will have to do it again soon! *Some faces are not shown here for privacy purposes.