Ice Fishing Fun!


Campus Life Building Time Event

Go Fish!

"We are competing for who can catch the most fish," two teen boys said to me in a-matter-of-fact tone. They were sitting about two feet apart from each other in lawn chairs on the ice with poles in their hands, a grin on their face, and eyes set on the holes in front of them. Away from these two boys were other new fishermen and women (YFC teens) scattered around the ice with University of North Dakota professors and Wildlife Society students teaching them how to set a hook, hook some bait, and put the line down the hole. The weather outside was one of the best for ice fishing - sunny and mid-30s with barely a breeze. We spent four hours outside on Larimore Dam and each teen finished the day catching at least two fish. Many of them had never done it before and remarked that they would do it again if they had the chance. I had a fun time watching the thrill on each teen's face as he/she pulled up a fish on his/her line... and then even more fun as I watched him/her hold try to his/her catch each time! In the end, the two boys at the beginning of my story ended up catching 7 perch total (one caught 4 and the other caught 3). We are so grateful that The University of North Dakota Wildlife Society and professors took the time out of their day to partner with us, inspire passion for the outdoors, and educate teens about a great North Dakota winter activity! Check out the fun from the day below!