Live Nativity


Campus Life Building Time

Live Nativity

We are so sad to say that United Holmes Methodist Church decided to cancel The Live Nativity this year due to the frigid temperatures and icy roads. Therefore, we will not be holding this event like we had originally planned.

We still want to share with you the power and the wonder of the first Christmas story!


The real, raw “unfiltered” Christmas goes deeper than any Christmas you may have experienced before whether that might mean commercialization or the pain of loss that the holidays might bring. The “unfiltered” Christmas is actually a story of hope; hope that involves you!

The first Christmas did not begin with commercials or Christmas shopping. The first Christmas began with a king who was not born in a palace. In fact, He came from a kingdom called heaven to our very earth as a baby! Why? Because He wanted to change our lives with His own. As you may already know this world is a broken place. This is due to something called “sin” that exists within all of us – even you! “Sin” is when we decide to not follow what God says is good but instead choose to give into our own way (which is not always good). It’s when we miss the mark. Because God is a perfect God, He cannot exist with sin and therefore the consequence for those that sin is death. Death is hard, some of you know that around the holidays. But God is also a God of love. Because He didn’t want to be apart from us by death, He sent someone to pay the price for our sin by living a perfect life and dying in our place so that all those who trust in Him (and turn away from trusting in themselves) have eternal life in heaven after death! And who was this “someone”? The very king that came to earth as a baby, God’s only Son, Jesus. Jesus was born on a dark night to a teenage mother in a stable (because no “inns” had room for Him – can you believe that) and was greeted by shepherds who were sent by angels in the middle of the night! He was brought gifts by magi’s who travelled for miles following a star in the sky that pointed them to Jesus’s location. An earthly king named Herod wanted to kill Him because He thought Jesus, the baby, was a threat! Despite all of this, Jesus was born 2022 years ago with one mission – to save you, me, and the rest of the world. He is the emblem of hope for you, me, and everyone. That is the unfiltered Christmas (Jesus’s birthday). The one that no matter what you are going through can bring you hope!

The Chosen series has an episode called “The Messenger” that we would love for you to watch and let us know what you think since we could not go to The Live Nativity event. “The Messenger” reveals a little bit about Jesus’s mom and dad and what it was like when He was born! If you have questions, you can text Chelsea at (701) 570-9709 over the break about them or to line up an appointment! I would love to visit with you!