Open Hour Events


Open Hours Calendar

Every Monday & Wednesday we have open hours at The Lighthouse (unless for exceptional reasons such as school not in session) where teens can hang out, play games, do homework, and once a month, learn a life skill! Our ministry calendars (which include our open hour events) can always be seen under our ministry tab, but we thought we would include our open hours calendar for the year here too!

Wednesday, Sept. 27th3 – 5 pmRoot Beer Float & Nerf Gun Fight
Wednesday, Oct. 11th3 – 5 pmPhotography Walk
Wednesday, Nov. 29th [POSTPONED TO LATER DATE]3 – 5 pmLearn how to Invest & Budget!
Wednesday, Jan. 24th3 – 5 pmLearn Jujitsu
Wednesday, Feb. 14th3 – 5 pmYMCA Night
Wednesday, Mar. 20th1 – 5 pmChess Tournament
Wednesday, Apr. 24th1 – 5 pmWorship “Night”
Wednesday, May 15th3 – 5 pmThe Amazing Race