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Campus Life Building Time

'Tis The Season to Slow Down & Give To Others

In December YFC was blessed by two community members who baked over 120 cookies for YFC teens to frost, package, and hand out to teachers and/or YFC partners. A snowstorm bamboozled our regular scheduled decorating day, but that didn't stop teens from partaking in the event the following week. Some giggled in joy thinking about who they were going to give their cookies too. Others, like Rose, remarked about a teacher who may need it the most. While for many teens their favorite thing about Christmas may be presents, it was exciting to flip their mindset to think about how much fun can be giving to others instead. This event was a wonderful way to end our week with teens before Christmas. We closed out all our clubs remembering that the real gift of Christmas is Jesus Christ coming to save us from our sins. Thank you for all you do to help YFC reach teens for Christ. Merry Christmas!