Project SERVE


Campus Life Building Time


We spent the day off of school serving Veterans and community members! Many prayers were said to God requesting Him to bless the weather so we could continue with our plans to serve outdoors and thankfully, our prayers were answered! On Veterans Day, Youth For Christ, Freedom Church, Faith Community Church, and Grace Baptist Church came together to shovel driveways, front steps, and sidewalks of those that lived on 4th St N, 5th St N, and 10th Ave N in Grand Forks. Approximately 30 houses were reached in roughly three hours! We spent the remainder of the afternoon eating pizza at the Lighthouse, playing lots of games, and reflecting on the day. We chatted about what it was like to serve for PROJECT SERVE, why Veterans serve (we had a Veteran share his heart on this), and that Jesus serves us because He loves us! One of my favorite stories from the day that I had heard was about a middle school student who was serving down 4th St N. His "shoveling team" reached the home of one of his friends and he persistently knocked on his friend's door until he answered. He not only shoveled his friend's walkway, but he also invited his friend to join him in serving others and then later celebrate over pizza! It was awesome to hear of a middle school student empowering his friend to help others alongside of him! Check out the photos below to see all the fun we had during PROJECT SERVE!