Root Beer Floats & Nerf Battle


Building Time: Root Beer Float & Nerf Battle

Wow! What a Blast!

On the week of Sept. 27th, we prepared The Lighthouse to be transformed into a safe, fun, and fair nerf battle for teens. With the rescheduling of this event, I was uncertain how many would come or how it would go, but I was trusting God to bring who He wanted while being faithful with what He had already asked of us. On the afternoon of the event, we set ice cream and root beer outside The Lighthouse and were ready to greet any teen to help them feel included, welcomed, and cared for. It was exciting to see that as the afternoon went on, 20 teens trickled in after their school day from six different area schools to compete in a fun battle at The Lighthouse! Teens were not separated by their differences or school rivalries but came together for fun! I witnessed many encouraging scenes, from different young people welcoming new teens who arrived at the battle after it began, to individuals working together to bring out each other's uniqueness and strengths. We had the opportunity to also show teens that you can nerf battle each other in right and good ways as we competed based on a point system with no pretended casualties and for a silly, but fair cause! There was much laughter and activity. We hope to do something like this again in the future years as it seemed to be geared toward a wide amount of teens' interest.