Serving Others at Tufte Manor!


YFC Building Time

Relationships Matter

This whole month we have been talking about 3 stories at Campus Life Clubs: God's Story, My Story, and Your Story. Stories matter because people matter. First, God matters SO MUCH! He is our Creator who made us out of love, He is our Savior who gave His life for all of us when we sinned against Him, and He is the one who transforms us when we choose to believe in Him as our Lord and Savior. God changes our stories for the better. Second, people matter! Every person, young or old, is God's most prized creation. Matthew 6: 19 - 21 talks about storing our treasures in heaven. I often think about how our treasure is Jesus, and also, other people. When the people in our lives believe and follow Jesus, we get to spend eternity together in heaven with Him! So, relating this all to our event at Tufte, 11 teens came together to share time and conversations with residents over Bingo! I watched teens laugh and grow and say they would do it again! Time is a valuable thing, and when we surrender it to Christ, it can be life changing. My heart was so full as I drove away from Tufte and thought about all I witnessed. I imagined what Jesus would say to me and all I could think about was, "This is what it's all about, relationships." The most important thing we can do in our relationships is not be afraid to invite others into a relationship with Jesus through our actions, words, and time. One of our volunteers was asked by a resident what her life advice would be, and she told him, "To know and love the Lord in your life." The resident looked at her and quietly remarked, "that's some good advice." See pictures below!