Winter Ski Trip


Campus Life Trip

From "I'm Scared" to "Do We Have to Leave?"

In our three-car caravan full of 11 teens and 3 adults, we took off for Buena Vista, Bemidji before the sun came up on the kids' day off from school (Jan. 16th, MLK Day)! Half of the teens were excited to experience skiing for the first time while the other half were excited to help their friends learn and improve their own skills on the slopes. Our YFC family spent 4 - 5 hours that day moving from the bunny hill to the ski lift to the slopes and let us tell you... it was awesome! God's hand was in every moment of the day from beginning to end. We were blessed with nice weather, friendly and helpful staff, safety of teens, and everyone coming together as one big YFC family. One of my favorite memories from the day was about a teen whom I will joyfully call "Courage". Courage had never skied before, so every time she would grab the rope to go up the bunny hill or be at the top waiting to go down, she would look at me and say, "I'm scared." Courage never let that stop her, however. She listened to her sister's helpful tips, let me encourage her, and joyfully received my offer to pray over her. By the time we had to leave, Courage looked at me and said, "do we have to go?" Not only Courage, but all the teens had something to be proud of that day! None of them gave up when it came to facing their fears, trying something new, and helping each other out! I am so grateful to have been a part of it! Check out our pictures below and for more videos of teens skiing check out our Instagram account: grandforksareayouthforchrist. -Chelsea