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After many years of either Covid-19 or bad weather creating barriers for people to be able to fully gather around the Easter holiday, finally, in 2023, we were able to meet and take in the treasure of the Easter Story! A mix of students from Thompson, Grand Forks High School, Fisher and Valley Middle School got together on the day before Easter to hear about how Jesus entered Jerusalem being praised as a king but left dying on a cross and rising three days later! Teens were given little physical reminders (such as a small cup symbolizing the Last Supper) to remember Jesus's last journey through Jerusalem and how it's a treasure for our life story today; because He rose, so we rise to eternal life when we repent of our sins and follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior! It was neat to witness teens reflect on the Gospel story if they have heard it before and take it in if it was their first time ever hearing it. Many teens said they would want to do something like this again next year! What love Jesus has for us! Thank you, Grace Baptist Church for putting this event on!