YFC Greenway Bike Ride


Campus Life Building Time

Challenge Completed!

It requires intentionality and self-discipline to wake up early on a Saturday morning to go on a bike ride challenge, and I was so proud of our teens for doing just that because I think they ended up finding out it was worth it! We biked 6 miles together on the Greenway where we practiced being physically active, shared laughter, and deepened relationships. I learned the teens are in much better shape than I am, so I was humbled as I found them encouraging me! We challenged ourselves to complete the 6-mile round-trip in an hour and a half with many stops for pictures to capture challenges and fun memories. Authentic Christ-Sharing Relationships were deepened as we were present with each other with no distractions, weren't afraid to be goofy with each other, and encouraging each other to keep on biking! After, we did end up getting a little ice cream to celebrate and talk about our upcoming weeks. It was truly an enjoyable way to spend the morning!