Youth Peach Volunteers Needed!


YFC Fundraising


Every year YFC sells Georgia and Colorado peaches as an annual fundraiser to support ministry events, trips, and clubs. We do multiple shipments a summer that contain many peaches each truckload and we need help to sell them all! Young people (11 - 19-year-olds) can sign up for a two-hour slot at any of the dates and times listed below. We do ask those that went on a YFC Trip this year and received a scholarship to prioritize helping sell peaches this summer as a way to work for some of your trip fees. If we see you are signed up to volunteer, we will be in contact with you to confirm your slot as well as let you know if the shipment is delayed. When volunteering, please wear close-toed shoes and plan for appropriate weather (wind, sun, or rain). Youth volunteers will help transport lugs of peaches at the peach truck (in the Grand Cities Mall parking lot next to Sonic) or the Farmer's Market.

Sign Ups

Youth Peach Volunteers

Thank you for support! You are helping sustain the ministry! As you are looking to volunteer, we could especially use your help for the Georgia peaches, the first shipping day of any shipment (Tuesdays), and the last shipping day of any shipment (Saturdays).