Born Again at Sixteen

June 30, 2022


How would she have known her life was going to change so radically?  For Constance this trip was going to be a fun time, hanging out with friends and leaders, tubing on the lake, speeding down the zipline, facing the drop of the giant swing, and experiencing the fun of camp others had described to her.  She wasn’t expecting to have a personal experience with God.

Throughout the week at Summer Camp,  Constance listened to the leaders teaching, engaged in discussion, and began to grow like the seed planted on fertile soil.  Camp is an environment she needed; no social media, no phones, no birds (distractions) to eat the gospel seed and carry it away.  Camp is full of trusted leaders, faithful bible teaching, loving relationships, and widespread prayer.  This is where the Holy Spirit gave life to Constance’s story.

She stood before her peers at the end of the week and described being “born again.”  She spoke of having a bad reputation, being a fighter, and not caring for others.  She then described how she no longer wanted that label and lifestyle.  Her desire is to be new and different.  Finally she finished her testimony with a smile on her face proudly proclaiming she is a “Daughter of God.”