Giving Warmth and Love: Hats & Gloves

October 20, 2022


As we all know, Grand Forks winters get frigidly cold with temperatures regularly dipping down into the negatives in the January and February months!

Early this October, Youth For Christ received a donation of 50 hats and 50 gloves for teens from Plains Ag LLC. Wanting to multiply the blessing, we asked Valley Middle School if they saw a need within their student body for warm winter gear. With a resounding “yes”, they welcomed us into the school during parent-teacher conferences to set up a table displaying the hats and gloves. We sat at the table to greet families with a loving smile and a warm invite to take the quality winter items (brands like Carhartt) if needed.

Many families were blessed as the temperatures had already dropped and their teens needed winter gear! Within four hours, we distributed 85% of the hats and 40% of the gloves. We left the remaining items with the school staff for students to grab in case they didn’t get the opportunity to do so while we were there. One staff member remarked, “This is great, I know kids who won’t be at your table and don’t have the winter gear they need for the changing weather. Can I grab some for them?” To which we exclaimed, “Yes, please, share with those in need!”

Thank you, Plains Ag LLC for your donation and thank you Valley Middle School for letting us share the love with your student body!