Refreshing Power of the Wind

July 8, 2022


On July 8th, our group set out for Crosby Manitou Sate Park.  We were ready to receive food, rest, and God after a five-hour drive, one and a half mile hike with the camp on our back, and a half hour of setting up sleeping quarters. Birds were singing all around us.  A pounding river battered our ears.  A sweet smell of pine from the evergreens lay in the air.  Red ember coals glowing, yet no breeze.

This is God’s original creation-the perfect place to notice Him all around us.  Everyone was present in the moment.   No distractions or busy schedules.  Warming  up to a campfire hot cocoa, we relaxed on a log and listened to a leader share how we are truly never alone.

John 3:8 and Acts 2:2 remind us the Holy Spirit is like the wind.   Even though we can not see Him He rushes into our lives to refresh us!  We don’t need to understand the wind to know its truths.  Likewise, we don’t need to completely understand the Holy Spirit to know the truth about Him.  He is real, near and gives new life to those who believe in Jesus.  Every time you hear the wind, remember who the Holy Spirit is.  Remember He draws near to you no matter where you are.

Spending the next moments in silence, a gust appeared out of nowhere rustling our hair and dancing with the campfire smoke.  God’s presence was in our midst.  On the drive home, the teens continued to remark how they will never think of the wind in the same way.  Our hope is every time the wind blows, they think of who the Holy Spirit is and know the truth:  we are never alone because God is with us.