The Lighthouse

September 9, 2022


Our chapter is now located in a new building at 315 N 4th St.  Its location is perfectly situated just a half block from Central High School.  We plan to host Campus Life Clubs, activities, events, and more in this new space.  Many buildings have monikers.  We held a contest across our ministry sites asking teens to provide suggested building names.  Over 25 names were submitted and placed on a ballot to be voted on.  The Board of Directors then voted on the top five names.

The Lighthouse was the clear winner.  It literally stood taller and had more meaning than all the others.  Understanding our mission and how we apply it to the Grand Forks community, it is evident that Jesus is the light that we shine.  Our goal is to be a beacon for youth to find their way home to God.  We assist the lost and those headed for a crash against the rocks carried  by the waves of struggle, selfish desire, desperation, loneliness, and isolation.

The light is salvation.  The light penetrates the darkest places and overcomes it.  It illuminates the path before our feet.  It gives life.   The fruit of light is found in all the is good, right, and true.  Our new building embodies the scripture and the concept of a “lighthouse.”  More importantly, it illustrates God’s saving grace in the midst of struggles, darkness, and dangers of this life.